These past few months I’ve been working on my first video game soundtrack: Terra Alia! I have been immensely lucky that it is for a game that I love, not only for the approach it takes, but for the aesthetics and how easy it has been to work with the team.

Terra Alia is a classic RPG but with a very curious change: it is a video game to learn languages. In this alternate planet earth, magic and technology have coexisted since the beginning of time. And you will use the mixture of both to discover the mysteries of this universe, as a student in a magic academy, while you, the player, learn languages.

Here are some examples of what the game will look like. It will be released soon, and is already on Early Access on the Steam platform. I can’t wait to show off the music I’ve been making!

Here is the link of the game on Steam, in case you want to check it out already:

The interior of the Magic Academy where you start your adventure.
This is one of the first things you see once the game started. The office of a missing professor…

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