“Oh, Thor, ruling over thunder and lightning, wind and rain, sunshine and crops. We hear you. Sitting in the centre with Mjolnir in your hand, and on each side are Odin and Frey. Oh, Mighty Thor, great giant slayer, please hear us and accept this offering.”

For this composition, I have been inspired by what is currently known as traditional Viking or Norse music, adding my own style and aesthetics. I can imagine the inhabitants of a small Norwegian village, amazed and marvelled at the power of the lightning, convinced that Thor, the god of thunder, was demanding their attention, preparing a sacrifice to please him ⛈⚡…

As I also did with my video “Our Heroes”, this new composition “Sacrifice to Thor” comes with moving images. I would like to continue with this format, but I cannot promise it, because finding free use clips is not so easy and right now I can’t go out and record my own clips due to the quarantine in Spain! However, I hope that both the video and the music will please you 💙🎶.

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