Fimucité & Fimucinema 2020

In Tenerife, the film music festival Fimucité has been held every year for 13 years now. With the orchestral direction of Diego Navarro and the production of Pedro J. Mérida, this event brings together music fans and professionals in the “chicharrera” capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a week, […]

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Music Tips – Quarantine Edition

As you may have noticed, we’re going through some difficult times at the moment, all over the world :P. In Spain, we have just spent a fortnight’s quarantine of five months where we could, of course, not leave or homes. Thus, in my Instagram musical account @saraandthemusic I asked what […]

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2019’s Demo Reel

Welcome to my updated Demo Reel! In this video compilation, you will find compositions made for wonderful artists such as Aarón Gómez, Vasni Ramos and Pancho Aguirre among others. From humor to fantasy, kung-fu, corporate pieces, terror… There’s a bit of everything! But you will also find previews of some […]

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Nara Todaiji

Japan – Epic Music

If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know that I’m really passionate about Japan. I’ve even been studying Japanese on my own for about 8 months and a few weeks ago I signed up for classes at an academy and everything… My obsession and love for Japan began […]

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Welcome to the blog!

With this post, we inaugurate the blog of this website *confetti comes down from the sky *. And what can we find in it? Well, many things: Detailed explanations of my soundtracks Announcements, notices and news about my work Interesting articles about my music and myself And who knows, maybe […]

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