As you may have noticed, we’re going through some difficult times at the moment, all over the world :P. In Spain, we have just spent a fortnight’s quarantine of five months where we could, of course, not leave or homes. Thus, in my Instagram musical account @saraandthemusic I asked what you wanted me to do during the first days of quarantine and the most voted proposal was to give 15 basic tips on music and composition, so this is the result !

If you are a composer, a musician or a music lover whatsoever, this is for you! I hope you like it and, above all, that it is interesting and useful.

Here is the list of tips and their corresponding minutes. Go to the video to find out exactly what they are!:

1) 0:30 – Always record your ideas

2) 1:27 – Think before composing

3) 2:34 – Get inspired by others

4) 3:31 – Get used to being blocked

5) 4:58 – Know your own resources

6) 6:01 – Know the basics

7) 7:00 – The “Lopez” Circle

8) 7:54 – Pay attention to movement

9) 9:00 – Know your base and melody

10) 10:04 – Understand the importance of the “Cantabile”

11) 11:25 – Use different instruments for the same concepts

12) 12:31 – Get out of Major and Minor scales

13) 13:45 – Don’t limit yourself

14) 14:49 – Improvisation is your friend

15) 15:52 – Everything counts, just try it

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