If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know that I’m really passionate about Japan. I’ve even been studying Japanese on my own for about 8 months and a few weeks ago I signed up for classes at an academy and everything… My obsession and love for Japan began at a very young age, reading Samurai stories and novels like “Legends of the Otori“. Little by little I discovered its music, its food, the mysterious and beautiful world of the Geisha, its architecture… The Japanese culture in general. And every year that passed, every little thing I discovered, made me like it all even more!

So much so that one of my life’s dreams was to go to the land of the rising sun someday. A dream that I was able to fulfill a few years ago on a 16-day solo trip through Japanese lands! I promise you I cried when I stepped on Honshu’s grounds… So I travelled all over the country, from end to end, passing through iconic cities like Tokyo or Kyoto, as well as through less recognizable or less well-known places, like Kanazawa or Aizu-Wakamatsu. I enjoyed it like a child, let me tell you that. This year, I was going to return to the country with my best friend for the month of November but, with the current situation and the global pandemic of COVID-19, we considered it prudent to cancel the trip, sadly. But I do not lose hope! Next year I will be back on Japanese soil, I am sure of it.

Recently, wrapped in a cloud of nostalgia and memories, I decided to make a musical tribute to Japan in general and to my japanese trip in particular. The result of this tribute is the video on the cover of my website! The images you see are a selection of my best shots, recorded during my stay in Japan and taken in different cities and prefectures. I composed the music for the video, trying to show all that the country of the rising sun makes me feel: its sensitivity, its beauty, its epicity, its heroism.

I hope you like it and that my passion reaches your heart!

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