“Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel.”

On November 12th the fabulous remake of the first game of the “Souls” saga, “Demon’s Souls” will be released. With this close event and on the eve of Halloween, this year I decided to put together these extraordinary situations and compose an original piece in honor of the video game Demon’s Souls. This is how “Born Again” was born, a dark and epic composition for choir and orchestra, which tells us about the horrors that our protagonist has and will experience. It seems almost as if the gates of hell have opened and its fog is clouding our eyes… I cut this trailer using pieces of the two already released Demon’s Souls trailers. All copyrights belong to them, this is just a fan-made creation.

It is one of the most difficult and intense pieces I have ever composed: full orchestra, with calm and hysterical parts, chorus, lots of MIDI programming… It has been a work of weeks for only a couple of minutes of music, I hope you like it and can appreciate it!

Happy ( late ) Halloween 🎃💀!

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