In 2018, a couple of fantastic madmen proposed me to embark on a spectacular project called Apocalipsis Voodoo, directed by Vasni Ramos: a feature film about Kung-fu, zombies, Funky and the 70s. Thus, Apocalypse Voodoo became my first full-length film!

What you hear in this video is the longest piece I composed for the feature film: it appears at about the middle of the film as our two wonderful main characters, White Chocolate and Charlie Vargas, enter a mysterious cave in search of legendary swords… If you are curious and want to see what this part looks like in the film, go to my Demo Reel ( link in here: ) to watch it! It’s actually the first video to show up. Can’t miss it!

I’m responsible for the more classical, orchestral and eighties-like pieces, while my talented colleagues Sergio Gerson, Carlos Díaz and Kike Perdomo were in charge of the funky tracks and the rest of the psychedelic sounds. You can’t miss this fantastic soundtrack! It also won the award for best soundtrack at the Costa del Sol International Fantastic Film Week.

The full film is available at Movistar+, if you’re up for an adventure and want to get on the rollercoaster, which is this film that mixes horror, comedy and action. I hope you enjoy it!

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