Welcome to my updated Demo Reel!

In this video compilation, you will find compositions made for wonderful artists such as Aarón Gómez, Vasni Ramos and Pancho Aguirre among others. From humor to fantasy, kung-fu, corporate pieces, terror… There’s a bit of everything! But you will also find previews of some of my projects for this 2020. Let’s talk a little bit about each of them:


0:14 : “Apocalipsis Voodoo
Apocalipsis Voodoo is a hilarious film that combines zombies, terror, kung-fu and 70s times with incredible mastery. Being my first feature film, we had the honour of winning the award for best soundtrack at the Costa del Sol International Fantastic Film Week. If you feel like laughing at a crazy and funny movie, this is your film for sure! The incredible funky music comes from the composer Kike Perdomo, a master of jazz and seventh chords. But wherever strange themes, synthesizers and, above all, epic and orchestral themes sound, that’s my hand and my signature.

1:10 : “Amarás Al Prójimo
From the same director of Apocalipsis Voodoo, Vasni Ramos, this film has a completely different color. We find ourselves witnessing a deep conversation between two people having a drink on the street. But one of the two is not what we think… The soundtrack is sad and minimalist, a piano that tells us more about what’s going on.

1:51 : “El Show con Aarón Gómez: Vengadores Canarios
2:21 : “El Show con Aarón Gómez: BendiSiones
One of the biggest and best comedians in the Canary Islands is the Tinerfeño Aarón Gómez. I had the pleasure of working with him for the first time in the shooting of Ánima, but as an actress, curiously enough. However, in his television show “El Show con Aarón Gómez” I was able to enjoy writing the music for two of the episodes. Two very different episodes between them, therefore, two very different musics too, but they do share the same epicism and sense of humor!

2:55 : “Hambriento
The fantastic photographer Rebeca Saray is making the jump to the big screen. From photographs to moving frames! I’ve been lucky enough to make three soundtracks for her short films, “Hambriento” being the first one. This film is a short that mixes humour and terror where the monsters from under the bed that we feared so much when we were little exist… And they blackmail us quite a bit. My musical approach also mixes humour and terror, with a large load of synthesizers in the total count.

3:46 : “Akademeia
My uncle Jesús Santamaría is a renowned chemical engineer and researcher who has his field of research in Spain. He lives in Zaragoza and dedicates his life to the environment and to researching, among other things. However, not everything in his life is science: last year he published his first novel, Akademeia. In it, returning to the subject of which he is a true expert ( that’s science, of course ), we discover how scientists kill, how they commit murders. I was in charge of producing the commercial for his book, which I recorded in the laboratory of my former institute. I thus composed a soundtrack in accordance with the book and the images: minimalist, tense, mysterious.

4:12 : “Kind of Magic
Curiously, the soundtrack of “Amarás al prójimo” was not composed expressly for this short film. Instead, it was composed for the short film “La Corriente“, by Adrián Rivero. At the moment I have composed three soundtracks for Adrian’s films, being “Kind of Magic” the second one. It is a short film that was submitted to a contest in homage to the Lumiere brothers. I wanted the soundtrack to sound like magic, hope and fun, to be endearing and adorable. I hope I succeeded!

4:47 : “Can you feel Tenerife
When I was contacted to make the music for this commercial of Tenerife, the island where I live, I felt it was an honor: being able to put music to all the things I love about my land was a lot of fun and very exciting. I mix typical rhythms and sounds of the Canarian folklore with the orchestra and the epicism that defines my personal style.

5:22 : “Isla Calavera
Isla Calavera” is a wonderful festival of fantasy and horror films held on the island of Tenerife every year. It is an important and renowned event, where we can enjoy all kinds of films in the genre of horror and fantasy, and that have all kinds of budgets. I had the pleasure of making this little terror soundtrack for the trailer of one of its editions. How nice it is to live on an island, isn’t it…?

5:56 : “Tomitotoro’s Intro
On of my first big project was Tomitotoro Productions, a company or association of photography and videography that I had with my partner until two years ago. He still goes onward with the company but I decided that I couldn’t focus on two such big projects and continued only with Sara López Productions, that’s when I decided to become autonomous. Before I left, I made this work for the trailer summary of Tomitotoro Productions’ YouTube channel. Since it is a company focused on what is called “geek” or “nerd”, the music had to be in tune: tense, epic, like a superhero movie.

6:47 : “Interview
José Ángel López is my wonderful father, a professional psychologist and EMDR expert, who lives and works on the island of Tenerife. The school of psychologists he works for needed video advertisements and interviews and they decided to hire my services. As it could not be otherwise, I also composed the music that would accompany the videos: something simple, minimalist, that would not distract from the interviews and the words of the interviewees. Corporate music that makes you want to stay and listen.


7:17 : “Terra Alia
With this title, Terra Alia, we open the section of “spoilers” of 2020. Among other projects, Terra Alia makes me especially happy, since it is my first video game: learning languages in a land where magic and technology coexist. The soundtrack mixes elements from both worlds, the fantastic and the technological, being all composed for orchestra and synthesizers. You can find the videogame in early access in Steam!

8:13 : “Wind Train
This short film is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful I have ever worked on. Not only for the story, the aesthetics and the photography of the film left me completely speechless. I hope you will have the opportunity to see this Pancho Aguirre‘s masterpiece soon. The music accompanies our protagonist’s feelings and tells us how she feels and what is in her head.

9:01 : “UV
What if you were trapped in a bunker, with no food, no drink, no ventilation? How would you feel? What would you try to do? That’s what UV is about, a tense science fiction short film that asks all those questions. The soundtrack is cold, sharp and technological, composed only of synthesizers of all kinds.

9:49 : “Sendero
Hambriento“, “UV” and “Sendero” are my three musical contributions to the films of photographer Rebeca Saray. The latter, Sendero, is spectacularly beautiful: an epoche short film that tells us about family suffering, chauvinism, magic and loneliness. The soundtrack tells us about all that, but from the rage and despair felt by the protagonists.

And just in case you are curious, you can find my 2016 Demo Reel in here –> https://youtu.be/aztdUuZvUCg .

I hope that you like my work and that you share it with your friends, and why not, with your enemies. You never know where our decisions will take us to!

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